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Why Join Us
Our Aims
Location and Parking
School Hours & Term Dates
Why Join Us?
Our Aims
Location and Parking
School Hours & Term Dates

1. Foster a love of Islam by encouraging students to please Allah and follow the way of Prophet Mohammed ﷺ.


3. Provide a warm, welcoming and organised environment in which students can excel in their Islamic learning, while enabling them to develop their moral character through a conscientious awareness (Taqwa) of Allah ﷻ.


2. Deliver high quality Islamic education, which is authentic, relevant and balanced by utilising contemporary teaching methods in a structured programme to enable the study of the Hifdh, Quran, and Islamic Studies.


4. Imbue the students with balance, respect and pride in their Muslim identity, enabling them to live as considerate, law abiding British Muslims. Inculcate respect and care for the school and wider environment.


Summer Term:

Closed from 30th March

Re-opening on 20th April 


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