Why Join Us
Our Aims
Location and Parking
School Hours & Term Dates
Why Join Us?
Our Aims
Location and Parking
School Hours & Term Dates 
School Hours:
We are open every Saturday, school term-time only. School starts at 9.50 am with registration and ends at 1.00 pm.
Each lesson is approximately 50 minutes long with a short toilet break between lesson 1 and 2, and a longer 20-minute snack break between lessons 2 and 3.
Children will have time to play in the enclosed playground, weather permitting. Arrival and collection of children must be punctual.

*Please note: The school is locked at 1.30 pm sharp. Children must be collected on time. 
In case of an emergency contact us on 0203 3633 5334.
Term Dates 2019-2020:
Autumn 2019
Spring 2020
Summer 2020
7th September
11th January
25th April
14th September
18th January
2nd May
21st September
25th January
9th May
28th September
1st February
16th May
5th October
8th February
Closed: 23rd May (Eid)
12th October
15th February
Closed: 30th May
19th October
Closed: 22nd February (half term)
6th June
Closed: 26th October (half term)
29th February
13th June
2nd November
7th March
20th June
9th November
14th March
27th June
16th November
21st March
4th July
23rd November
28th March
11th July
30th November
4th April
18th July
7th December
Closed: 11th-18th April
Closed: 25th July
Restart 5th September