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Quran Syllabus
Hifth Syllabus
Deen Studies Syllabus
Mens & Ladies  Lectures
Quran Syllabus
Hifdh Syllabus
Deen Studies Syllabus
Men's & Ladies Lectures
In this lesson students learn about integral aspects of Islam which form the foundation of our faith:
•Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence, rulings in Islam accompanied with evidences from Quran & Sunnah)

•Aqeedah (Learning and understanding Islamic beliefs)

•Seerah (The biography of the Prophet Muḥammad, peace be upon him, and its relevance)

•Islamic History (Including the lives of all previous Prophets and major events of significance)

•Adaab (Islamic manners and etiquette essential to a moral and rewarding life)

These topics are not only taught to cover classical knowledge, but their practical applications and implications are explored and explained in detail. This makes the topic of Deen Studies (religious studies) at Yaqeen Academy very relevant to our students in their daily lives.
We aim to guide our students to be upright and knowledgeable Muslims who will be beneficial members of their families and the wider community. In addition, our teaching emphasises that students must respect and have tolerance of other people, religions and beliefs as well as obey the law. Pupils are encouraged to take an active part in the wider community and society.

Start Date for Spring Term:

Re-opening on 6th January


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