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Children's Classes
Term: 11-13 Weeks (Based on local school term dates). We require 3 weeks written notice if your 
child is leaving - otherwise fees will be payable for the full term.

Term Fees: Depend on weeks in term - equivalent to £12/week + £20 single registration fee for new students. Fees are payable for the full term regardless of occasional absences. 

Text Books: £10 -£31 - once purchased they will cover the curriculum for the entire academic year
Ladies' Classes
Term: 11-13 Weeks (dependent on local school term dates). Fees: £20 registration & £15 per day, includes the following topics:
Arabic Beginners Level - we cater for Sisters Arabic classes in London.  We understand the importance of understanding the Quran in the language it was revealed in, strengthening your faith.

Tajweed - we cater for Sisters and young girls tajweed classes in London.  Reciting the Quran with the correct pronunciation is vital so that the message relayed to us by Allah remains the same.

Fiqh - we cater for Sisters fiqh classes in London.  These are available upon request.
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