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Quran Syllabus
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Deen Studies Syllabus
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Quran Syllabus
Hifth Syllabus
Deen Studies Syllabus
Men's & Ladies Lectures
How is Quran taught?
The Quran lessons at Yaqeen Academy are taught in small differentiated groups to ensure that your child benefits from targeted learning that is appropriate to their level.
Yaqeen Academy follows a syllabus that stresses the fundamentals of correct makhaarij of the letters and builds on this utilising various books and worksheets that have been developed specifically to maximise understanding of the tajweed rules that are taught here.
We are committed to make Quran lessons as vibrant as possible through colourful resources and interactive teaching methods to ensure the student is inspired with a passion for learning how to read Allah’s book. The lessons are crafted to be engaging and interactive and are interspersed with imaan boosters to spark the children’s excitement and enthusiasm towards Quran recitation.
Differentiation of the students within each class enables your child to be taught in a small focused group that is relevant to their ability. In this way the students’ progress from pronunciation basics to learning tajweed rules and then ultimately proceed to reciting the Quran inshaAllah.
None of this will be possible without your help as parents. Please ensure that your child does the specified homework and reading at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 10 minutes in each session. Our staff are here to support you in this journey and will give tips and help where needed. We want to make lessons as enjoyable and interactive as possible.
We endeavour to instil a love for the Quran that will lead on to the students completing its recitation inshAllah. Our aim is to develop children’s lifelong attachment to the Quran in sha Allah.
Will my child “finish” the Quran at Yaqeen Academy?
Children will be taught to read the Quran but like all learning progression will depend on how much time is devoted to reading outside the school. Little and often is best but we encourage every student to read every day - for the youngest students this will mean practicing their alphabet while older fluent readers will be encouraged to take up the “Page a Day” challenge.

Our aim is to equip the student with the technical skills for correct reading together with a spiritual appreciation of the Quran as Allah’s speech.

Summer Term:

Closed from 30th March

Re-opening on 20th April 


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