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The Top 5 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child at a Madrasah

Considering how best to implement Islamic values and principles in your children as they grow up is always an important matter to contend with. Growing up in the UK, Muslim children are faced with a number of different challenges, ones which can affect their understanding of Islam, and faith more broadly. Explore the benefits of sending your child to an Islamic school (madrasah), and how they can develop as confident, self-assured young Muslims.

Nurturing Islamic Environment

A madrasah provides an atmosphere that allows children to be comfortable in their identity as a Muslim, and be free to express their thoughts and ideas on various different topics. Being placed in classes of those of a similar age group will give them the chance to meet like-minded children, and develop friendships with them that can blossom for years to come. A madrasah provides that space for children to not only meet one another, but build their love for Islam that can help to fortify their imaan once they leave. Personal development beyond their classes at madrasah will aid your child in their journey with the deen.

Spiritual Growth

Feeling a connection to Allah (SWT) is something which can fluctuate, such is human nature. Your child will have the opportunity to explore their own spiritual growth through the lessons they partake in. For example, Quran lessons will not only offer the chance to perfect their recitation of the Holy Book, they will also give them the opportunity to study the stories of the Quran, and what they teach us about the way we should live our lives. Similarly, in Islamic studies, a hadith of the Prophet (SAW) can be studied that teaches them how to treat your parents in Islam, and the guidance around that. Ultimately, this is the best way they can impart the knowledge they have learnt as well as being role models for the future. A madrasah can provide that tarbiyah (nurturing) to your child as part of their Islamic journey.

Learning Acts of Worship

Your child will be introduced to the core tenets of Islam whilst studying at a madrasah, which they will deepen their understanding in as they grow older. From being taught the pillars of salah (and understanding what is being recited in prayer), to how to make wudu and the etiquettes of making dua, children at a madrasah will be equipped with the key information around the pillars of Islam. Whilst online classes and videos may seek to achieve the same aim, they cannot replicate the real-life environment of a madrasah, which gives the child the ideal opportunity to learn and inculcate these important aspects of Islam. Parents can work with their child at home to increase their understanding and proficiency in these acts of worship, to ensure they continue to learn in this regard.

Affirming Islamic Identity

Growing up in a multicultural society in the UK, children can often feel conflicted when it comes to their own identity, grappling between cultural and ethno-centric understandings of Islam, whilst being immersed in secular academic education at their schools. A madrasah helps to reconcile these different identities, whilst championing an Islamic identity as being the primary way in which a Muslim should view the world. Islamic studies classes that delve into the seerah of the Prophet (SAW), his companions and other influential Islamic figures are just some of the ways in which this Islamic identity is taught to young children. It will help to imbue a sense of belonging and community, which transcends throughout the class. Depending on the child's age, classes on the importance of adab (manners) in Islam, or the role of zakat in the UK are just some examples where the principles of Islam are woven into lessons that children can take with them beyond the classroom.

Community Outreach

Children at a madrasah will have the chance to implement what they learn beyond their classes, and a madrasah can foster a number of charitable initiatives, such as fundraising for schools abroad for communities in need. It also helps to build their confidence in getting involved with different projects, incorporating teamwork skills and a sense of camaraderie amongst fellow classmates, whether its through bake sales, sponsored walks or sports days in aid of charity. A madrasah can serve as a community hub which promotes such activities, ensuring your child is well-rounded and aware of what happens in the world around them. By linking this to Islamic values and worship, it cements your child's perspective on Islam and the positive impact it can have for all people, regardless of race, religion or background. The benefits of your child attending a madrasah are plentiful, and we have listed just a few of the positive impacts it can have on their development and understanding of Islam. To find out more about how your child can attend a madrasah, email us at Yaqeen Academy today, an innovative Islamic school in West London. For Islamic studies, hifz classes and Quran classes in London, our madrasah is ideal to support your child in their journey.

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