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السلام عليكم
Yaqeen Academy is an innovative Islamic Saturday school in Northolt, London, offering students an exciting and inspiring way to learn about Islam and thus strengthen their relationship with Allah ﷻ. The school is an independent, non-profit making organisation in the process of becoming a registered charity.
We provide lessons designed for children from age 4 onwards, these are taught in bright, well-equipped classrooms with the benefit of three lessons comprising Hifdh, Quran and Islamic Studies. Adult classes include Tafseer of the Quran.
The Salah, Quran and authentic Sunnah form the foundations of our syllabus. We aim to connect our students to the prayer and the glorious Quran to enable these to become part of their everyday lives. We will devote a part of the term to teaching young children all about the Salah with an effective education programme in place to achieve this with your help as parents.
We want our students to be happy, well-adjusted and considerate members of the community.

 We pray that Allah  helps us to please Him in this endeavour. Ameen.
Student Trial Day (only for ages 12-16)
£12 per student
Nothing to book at the moment

Urgent Update on Revised Start Date for Summer Term:

Now Re-opening on 13th May 2023

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